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About Us
      Hebei Jinan Fastener Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1993, 
Professional Manufacturer for ISO13918, JIS B 1198, BS5400,AWSD1.1 more than 30 years.

      Our company’s perennial productions cover the range of  shear studs, high strength bolts and nuts ,high strength hexagon bolt nut and plain washer for steel structures, torshear type high strength bolt connection and flange bolts, all of which can be arranged according to the following standards for production and inspection: DIN931,DIN933, DIN6914-6916, ASTM A490/A490M, ASTMA325/A325M, GB10433, ISO13918, JIS B 1198, BS5400,AWSD1.1. 

    All kinds of products in our company have been sold perennial around the world, many products have been applied in the world well-known architectural engineering including T3 terminal building in Shenzhen city, Xi’an North railway station, DaGuang highway yellow river bridge,  27 Yangtze river bridge etc which have been widely recognized.


Shear connector suppliers, Shear Stud Connectors, Stud welding, structural bolts, heavy hex structural bolts manufacturers, cheese head stud for arc stud welding supplier, Hebei Jinan Fastener Co., Ltd. is a modern fastener manufacturer. The company is specialized in the production of high strength fasteners like: shear connector, cheese head stud for arc stud welding, structural bolts and heavy hex structural bolts, etc. Our company can manufacture products of the following criteria, such as USA (ANSI/ASME), Germany (DIN), Japan (JIS), Britain (BS) and Australia (AS).

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Products Standards: GB/T-3632 | GB/T 10433-2002 ISO13918 | GBT1228 | ASMEB18.2.1 |
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